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Shandong Eastcom Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of hero Wu Song tiger - Shandong Yanggu, is the world's largest caliber PVC pipe manufacturers. The main products are: PVC-U, PE, PPR, PERT series of various water supply and drainage pipe fittings, farmer toilets products, water treatment equipment, ozone generator, jet aerator and suspension aeration chain and other environmental protection equipment, Up to 2000 kinds of products. At present, the products show the situation in short supply, expand production, increase equipment, add staff, improve production capacity is imperative. As a result, the company hired more people with lofty ideals to join, arduous pioneering and common development, is the special recruitment of the following staff:  
Post Education Age Number
Clerk Secondary school and above Under 35 years of age 20
Male workers Unlimited Under 40 years of age 30
Female general workers Unlimited Under 50 years of age 20
turner Unlimited Under 48 years of age 5
forklift driver Unlimited Under 50 years of age 2

Contact person and telephone: 0635-6386999 E-mail: Office Address: Yanggu County, North East Ring East East Office of plastic office building Production plant: Yanggu Jinyang car south of the road 50 meters west